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The Astorian – Houston Venues

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Your Style and a Touch of the Past

Do you want to feel reminiscent of the past, while enjoying the modern as well? At The Astorian, you will be surrounded by gorgeous 20’s art deco. The 14,000 square foot loft space is waiting for you to say I do. With 2 private suites, 14-foot ceilings, and VIP areas, you will be more than satisfied with your experience here. Views captured of downtown Houston, make this venue captivating.

Your smiles, laughs and surroundings all put into your wedding album by your Houston photo booth. Helping to make sure you can share the special memories made for years to come, in a unique and fun inspired way.

Small, Medium or large-Not a Problem

The Astorian, can accommodate a guest list of over 300. That being said, every wedding is different and that is okay. Staff and planners can help every step of the way. The bi-level event space can make a creative idea a reality for you, no matter what size your attendance will be.

If the big day is your first time with the Houston photo booth, that is not a problem. All your questions are welcomed, and will be answered easily. The attendant at your event is well trained in making sure that what you are trying to accomplish is achieved without a hitch.




Take a Glimpse Inside

There are so many aspects of The Astorian that will grab your eye. You and your guests will be able to enjoy the view of the Houston skyline. That’s right, with floor to ceiling windows, you can take in the scenery all around you. Imagine the wood paneling, and gorgeous stained concrete. Then there are the final touches, you know, those little details to enhance the area. At this venue those are the things such as steel with rust, copper brass and aluminum accents, art deco at its finest.

Now, that amazing space with all it’s details can be showed off, and remembered forever with your Houston photo booth. There is no shortage of ideal locations to set up, pose and make some serious photo memories come to life.

Your Style Shining Through

The Astorian provides a beautiful venue option that matches any style wedding. From traditional to themed, small or large, or something truly designed by you, this is the event space you have been looking for. Put your spin your big day and see what happens.

When you are looking back to the day you said I do, your photos speak volumes. Your decision to include a Houston photo booth will make sure that they are as magical as the moment they were taken.

Make You Well Educated Decision

No body wants to jump to a rash decision when it comes to their big day. Taking a look at some testimonials and reviews from past happy couple, gaining some personal experience information may help you gain valuable insight to The Astorian ways. Maybe things that you had not thought of, will be brought to light, and you can incorporate them into your wedding day.

Houston photo booth will also prove itself to you with those stories of what others have experienced. Looking at the fun that others have had and how it all comes together, to help you decide to include this awesome choice into an already wonderful day.


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