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Why a Wedding Photo Booth

Why have a Wedding Photo Booth?

Nowadays having a photo booth is almost commonplace at most gatherings. Whether it be weddings, birthdays, or other parties, you might ask yourself why you should have one if they’re so common? Well contrary to popular belief there’s more to them than just being a novelty. Here’s why you should have a wedding photo booth:

Wedding Photo Booth Strip
Wedding Photo Booth Strip

Wedding Photo Booth Strip

The best party favor!

No longer will guests have to bring home little knickknacks that they’ll never take out of the box and eventually throw away a few years later. Let them bring home picture proof of your special night that they can share on social media, stick on their fridge, and come next spring when they declutter their house, store away in their scrapbooks to look at when they’re feeling nostalgic. Not only is it a great way for the guests to bring home something great, but also a way for you! With a photo memory book your guests can leave a special message by their goofy or cute photo strip poses.

Automate the fun!

Everyone loves the excitement a photo booth brings; even your great grandma Mildred! Let your guests enjoy taking glamorous photos during the informal parts of the reception and give yourself a break from all of the fanfare. And for the guests who don’t want to take pictures, let them watch all of the fun on a projected slideshow that is automatically updated after each session!

Make it personal!

You can customize a photo booth as much as you can customize any other aspect of your wedding. From the actual booth to the props, backdrop and photo strips, you name it, it can be done! Let a themed wedding photo booth complement your already beautiful reception.

Shoot us an email at info@mihiphotobooth.com or Contact us here to learn how we can help customize your photo booth experience!

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