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Activation Recap | Feel Famous: Mansion on the Moon

Updated: Apr 2

At MiHi Entertainment, we believe in transforming ordinary events into extraordinary experiences. Our annual showcase event, "Feel Famous: Mansion on the Moon," did exactly that, propelling guests into a world where fantasy and reality merge seamlessly. This year, we outdid ourselves, presenting an array of captivating photography activations that highlighted our innovative spirit and demonstrated how we can theme an event to perfection. Each activation was a realm of its own, offering attendees a unique way to capture memories and feel like stars in their own right.

Our Feel Famous Activations:

BioSphere Vogue Booth

Our plant-themed vogue booth transported guests into a verdant, fashion-forward world, merging nature with style.

Entourage Roamer Booth

This roaming photo booth brought the excitement of a celebrity entourage, capturing lively moments throughout the event.

Cosmic Concorde AI Booth

Guests journeyed to the moon with our AI Photo Booth, which transformed their images into breathtaking AI-crafted visuals.

Executive Cover Shoot

At our Mirror Box Booth, attendees experienced the glamour of a magazine cover shoot, thanks to a high-quality camera that produced exceptional images.

Moon Crash Vogue Booth

Our mylar-covered vogue booth created a reflective wonderland, giving each photo a uniquely luminous quality.

Titan Tablescape Photographer

During the dining experience, a professional photographer was on hand to capture the elegance and joy around the table.

VIP Badge Station

Our AI Booth upgraded VIP guests’ images into professional headshots, elegantly displayed in our 5x3.5 VIP Badge holders.

Sci-Fi Movie Poster AI Booth

Attendees became stars of their own retro-style Sci-Fi movie posters, thanks to the creative magic of our AI Booth.

Googie 360 Booth

Inside our Snail Shell 360 enclosure, designed in Googie Retro Space style, guests enjoyed captivating 360-degree video captures.

Smoke & Laser 360 Booth

With our 360 video booth’s smoke and laser effects, attendees' videos were turned into electrifying, memorable experiences.

DanceSpace Booth

Following a popular TikTok trend, this VFX Video Booth captured videos from above, complete with user-friendly instructions for guests.

Solar Flair Vogue Booth

Our vogue booth featured hanging planets that helped create a celestial ambiance and solar-lit photography effects.

Roaming Robot Booth

Rosie, our interactive robot, roamed the event, allowing guests to take photos and share them instantly through the integrated iPad in her head.

As the night drew to a close, the lights of "Feel Famous: Mansion on the Moon" dimmed, but the memories created by MiHi Entertainment's innovative activations will shine on. Each guest left not just with photos, but with unforgettable experiences that captured the essence of their unique star-quality moments. Our commitment to bringing creativity and technological sophistication to life was evident in every snapshot, every laugh, and every shared story. We're already buzzing with ideas for our next event and can't wait to invite you back into our world where every moment is an opportunity to feel famous.

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