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Colorado Springs Venue – The Broadmoor

Beautiful Memories Made at Broadmoor

With all the planning and looking for the perfect venue for your big day, we know it can be overwhelming. Broadmoor has just the right setting you are looking for, with multiple options both indoor and out. The venue is set on a 5,000-acre lot and has over 180,000 square feet of event space. Perfect for events with guest amounts of 20 to over 1,000. Marry your event with a Colorado Springs Photobooth and your memories will be cherished forever.

Broadmoor and it’s Event Spaces

Whether you want something small and intimate or large scale they have a suitable setting for you. Broadmoor offers the Pauline Chapel. With an extensive collection of religious art, to the resemblance of a basilica inside, it’s a great choice for a more traditional wedding. The exterior of the chapel makes for a lovely background for photos with your Colorado Springs Photobooth.

Besides the chapel there are at least 7 unique venue options to match your taste. The West Tower Lawn, with a capacity of 500 guests is set in an area that is surrounded with a variety of trees and beautiful views. If you are looking for a water aspect, check into the Fountain Room at the Broadmoor. In a room with windows from floor to ceiling and an amazing fountain, you and your guests will love this venue. Your Colorado Springs Photobooth will make quite the impact here.

Broadmoor also offers Mountains, Canyon and Lake Aspects

If your tastes lean more towards an outdoor setting with incredible views, don’t worry Broadmoor can accommodate that too. With choices such as the Cheyenne Lodge, Lakeside Terrace, South Terrace and Mountain View Terrace, all offer views of just that. From the Rockies, to Cheyenne Mountain, Cheyenne Lake and canyon, and even Colorado Springs, your special day will definitely be well remembered. Each space is ideal for your Colorado Springs Photobooth, with memories to hold for a lifetime.

These locations can hold from 50 to 500 people and the views are spectacular. The natural backgrounds and beauty will add a special touch to all of your photos and make reminiscing even more enjoyable. You will not be disappointed in your choice of location or Colorado Springs Photobooth results, we are sure.

More than Just Your “I Do” spot at Broadmoor

Not only are there multiple locations for your ceremony, there are multiple locations for your reception as well. If you are planning an event with 50 people or 1000, you will find the perfect spot to host your reception. Each with a spot to have your guests continue their fun with your Colorado Springs Photobooth. This incredible venue location will delight you and your guests for years to come. Everyone wants something special, and unique for their event. Not only is the Broadmoor itself beautiful in every aspect, the surroundings are captivating and will take your breath away. Imagine what your guests will think and say when you show them where your special event will be held.

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