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Destination Events, Perfectly Executed

It is finally time to start planning your perfect event. Every detail executed just the way you wanted, all the style and flare you have pictured, but where should the event be held? Well, we have a great idea to share with you, check out a beautiful Minneapolis venue and see how amazing your event can be. While you are in town, you will be able to take in the sights and enjoy everything the city has to offer.

You don’t not only need the perfect place for your event, you will need the perfect photo options as well. For that your Minneapolis photo booth will be perfect. That is right, this photo taking method can help ensure that all your photos, and albums come out just the way you have always wanted them to. Let us show you a few great Minneapolis venues that just may fit the bill for you.

Hall of Kings

This Minneapolis venue offers multiple event spaces. Areas both inside and outside provide options for you to create the perfect place for your big event. The décor of the venue, reminding you of an old-style cabaret. With views of the river, vintage chandeliers, stunning iron work, and a gorgeous handmade bar.

Imagine how gorgeous your photos will be with the venues numerous background options. You will find a spot that speaks to you and will make every photo captured as perfect as your event.


HallofKings_Melissa Leeann Photography.jpg

Gale MansioN

The gorgeous Italian renaissance of this Minneapolis venue will take you back in time. Sporting beautiful oak floors, a stunning black walnut staircase, fireplaces, and of course a beautiful natural setting. The venue is perfect for any style and size event.

The amazing photos that you will achieve with your Minneapolis photo booth will come out better than expected. Plus, the vintage style of the booth, will match the venue setting perfectly!

Minneapolis Club

Imagine having your event at a Minneapolis venue that has been a private club for over 100 years. So much history that has occurred and the chance to add your event to it. A space that will allow you to have up to 400 of your closest loved ones there to share your big event.

Your event photos capturing the stunning venue as the background. The beautiful high ceilings, stained glass windows, along the stunning dance floor, your Minneapolis photo booth will be there, right where you chose, to make all of your photos, well, perfect!



All the Details Come to Life

Everyone when planning their event wants it to be memorable, magical and fun! It doesn’t matter what type of event or what style. Each and every detail will come to life at a stunning Minneapolis venue. You and your guests will love the time spent here.

You will also love the choice and results of your Minneapolis photo booth. Each picture-perfect memory caught in the exact space you chose and with the people that matter the most.


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