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Stan Mansion – Chicago Venues

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From the Knights Templar to Your Wedding

That is, it, step back in time, back to 1921 when it was built. While Stan Mansion has been fully renovated, it holds the magic and wonder of the Masonic Temple it once was. Located in Logan Square, which is one of the oldest city neighborhoods. Restoration of this timeless venue was completed in 2018, but has brought years of memories come to life.

Just picture having this venue as the setting for your Chicago photo booth. Not just the beautiful surroundings, but the history of it adding to all your photo memories. Making this new beginning of yours a remarkable story to tell.

The Finer Things in Life

It is said that every little girl wants to feel like a princess on her wedding day. Every detail perfectly executed just the way it was imagined. Well, Stan Mansion has the ability to make you feel like royalty. The grandeur of the venue, with the scrupulously placed details are absolutely stunning. If the weather is as nice as your event, you will fall in love with the front garden. It is home to vibrant, colorful flowers. But don’t stop there, wait until you see the incredible marble lined reception area.

As you view the venue, you will undoubtedly find the spot that calls your name for the Chicago photo booth you chose. Your inspiration waiting for you, or maybe its history will pull you in a way you had not thought of. Either way, you will love what the results are.




A Place to Bond, Relax and Enjoy

Stan Mansion provides a 2 bed, 2 bath bridal suite. Containing seating areas, kitchen, and the feeling of home. Giving you, the area you need to get ready, talk and laugh, or make important memories with your wedding party. It also comes in handy as a spot for calming alone time for those anxious nerves.

Luxury in the Grand Ballroom

This event space is breathtaking, and versatile at Stan Mansion. Comfortably seating up to 300 of the important people of your lives, or go cocktail style to fit up to 150 more. Once the vows have been taken, it is time to celebrate. In the midst of the fun and lively experience, you may want to take a minute to step away and catch your breath. The bar/lounge area, can give you the perfect place to do that.

No matter what style you choose, what color pattern you have, or what reception option you go for, there will always be the opportunity for a Chicago photo booth. The best part being, you won’t have to look for the person who is taking your photos, they will be in your ideal location. Making every click of the camera an enjoyable experience for you and your guests.

Your Ceremony-Yes, Let’s Do It

The lower level ballroom at Stan Mansion is just as gorgeous as the rest of the venue. It makes for a stunning ceremony site. Meaning your entire magical day can take place all in the same place. East of planning and execution at its best. You can even have your Chicago photo booth there to take those photos.


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