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Tavern on the Green – Manhattan Venues

Tavern on The Green

Are you looking for a natural beauty and something extra special for your big day? Well Tavern on The Green is the venue for you. Sitting in Central Park, with beautiful surroundings this venue is sure to delight those attending. Not only will you be taken away by the outdoor views, and vault ceilings will add the extra touch. It was built in the 1800’s, surprisingly as a sheep fold. In 1934, the building became a restaurant. After a break in management the tavern was re-opened in 2013 after a renovation that brought back the old time feel. Imagine the lovely backdrops for your Manhattan Photo Booth. Whether you are looking to add a nature background, or a more “at home” feeling, you’ll be able to find just the right place.

There are so many beautiful and fun things to see all around the Tavern on the Green. If you are looking for something fun to do with your guests before the big day visit the Carousel. The carousel is the 4th one to stand there, and had been abandoned in Coney Island before being brought back and restored. Or maybe you are looking to find something a little more historic, well take a look at Belvedere Castle. Built in 1869, and its tower is used to track weather measurements. Then there the conservatory garden, 6 acres of all different types of gardens. This calm and tranquil setting is a quiet zone allowing you to relax and rejuvenate. If music is your forte why not check out Strawberry Fields. The memorial space for John Lennon. Many of these locations also offer beautiful backdrops for your Manhattan Photo Booth.

Every one has a memory of Alice in Wonderland, it’s a childhood movie that is enjoyed by countless generations. Well, you can always pop over and see the amazing bronze monument of it. Bring back some wonderous memories while on your way to Tavern on the Green, and your Manhattan Photo Booth to create all new ones.




Perfect Options at Tavern on The Green

Large or small events fit in wonderfully at the venue. With two styles of set-up; cocktail style and seating, or combine them and make your own creation. Larger events will go perfectly with the South Terrace/Atrium, or Main courtyard. If your having a smaller gathering the Bar Room or Garden Terrace would be a great fit. The many unique areas at this venue will provide the perfect option for your special day. Not sure how to arrange the area, well don’t worry, the staff is always welcoming and helpful, and will be able to plan with you the perfect event you are looking for.

Our Manhattan Photo Booth will help keep your memories alive for years to come. Our staff will help every step of the way to make sure your vision comes to life for you and your guests. Imagine how your photos will look with the beautiful park as your backdrop. Natural trees, flowers, and green grass will go wonderfully with your event.


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