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Prince George Ballroom – Manhattan Venues

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Prince George Ballroom

Are you looking for an elegant venue that has a historical significance? The Prince George Ballroom has is all. The combination of the architecture, and the furnishings to the era, for the old time feel. While is may seem like a throw back to yester year, it has every modern feature you may need.

The venue’s history starts in the early 1900’s. Started as a hotel, until the 80’s, after a tourist decline. It then became a place to house homeless with the City of New York. Closing in 1989 and remaining vacant until 1996, and then a complete overhaul in 2015. In this day and age, when buildings come and go in the blink of an eye, to see one so well preserved, and flourishing, is truly remarkable.

You will be amazed at how well your Manhattan Photo Booth fits in. The vintage booth is also from way back when, in its appearance. That is what it was made for, and your guests will be impressed by the special touch as well. The memories made will be cherished forever. Don’t let its appearance fool you though, it is completely state of the art, and you will be able to take your photos with you at the end of the night, share them instantly, and more.

Prince George Ballroom2.jpg
Prince George Ballroom2.jpg

Prince George Ballroom3.jpg
Prince George Ballroom3.jpg

Prince George Ballroom.jpg
Prince George Ballroom.jpg

Little Extras at Prince George Ballroom

Prince George Ballroom has a beautiful modern gallery entry way. It offers not only the magnificent ballroom, but a greenroom as well. One space offered is known as the Ladies Tea room. Modelled as yet another turn of the century space. The venue also has a gallery area which has some amazing exposed brick, and the kitchen is full of professional equipment.

Any space you chose will have perfect backdrops for your Manhattan Photo Booth memories. The options you have to add your own touch to your photos, will make your special day even better. The décor in the venue and your style will make your magic come to life. You won’t be searching to find the perfect spot; you will be trying to narrow down your options. If you have any concerns your attendant will be able to point you in the right direction.

Destination You Say and a Manhattan Photo Booth

Destination weddings are the big thing. A way to not only travel, but to travel with loved ones, and make even more memories. Manhattan is a beautiful place to be, and the history of the area is remarkable, and well seen throughout. It is the perfect place to feel both in the heart of a city, as well in nature. You won’t be disappointed in venturing here, and sharing your vision with those who attend. You may be wondering how exactly it all works. Well don’t worry, the staff at both the Prince George Ballroom, and your Manhattan Photo Booth, are easily reachable and ready to help with all of your planning needs. Distance does not detour us; we help make the dreams come true.


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