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Manhattan Venues

Manhattan Photo Booth and Venue Options

The beauty that can be found in Manhattan will add so much to your wedding. The backdrops through out the area and even in the Manhattan venue you choose will make your special moments even more memorable. We know that it can be more than overwhelming to plan your big day, so let us share some ideas with you. Not only on a few beautiful spaces, but how to incorporate your vision. This destination spot attracts people year-round, and offers many attractions for family and friends to enjoy with you. With destination weddings, you have more time with those you love.

When it comes to your photo needs, your Manhattan Photo Booth will add the extra touch you are looking for. Not only will it impress you and your guests alike, it will allow you to add a special touch to your memories, such as borders to your photos. You can also choose a backdrop, or use the surroundings as one. Our vintage booth, will fit right in no matter what space you choose, and we will be there to help you along the way. Here are a few amazing choices for your event.

Prince George Ballroom

This Manhattan venue sports architecture from when it was built in 1904. The Prince George Ballroom is both historical and elegant. There is a special dressing room for the bridal parties, and holds a capacity of 250 guests. This beautiful spot, holds brilliant backdrops for your Manhattan Photo Booth. You won’t regret your decision on choosing this location for your big event. Imagine being able to really feel like a princess at the ball, this space can make sure you experience it. Looking to enhance the experience a little more? Well, the venue also has a kitchen stocked full of professional equipment for your catering wants and needs.

Prince George Ballroom.jpg

Prince George Ballroom2.jpg

Pratt Mansions Fifth Ave

This Manhattan Venue, is set right across from the Metropolitan Museum, and is actually 3 connected mansions. Built more than a century ago, the inside of the mansions still reflects the era. Your big day will have a very special touch with this Manhattan venue. The memories made with your Manhattan Photo Booth will be talked about long after the event has ended. One feature at this venue, will be talked about for years to come, the marble spiral staircase. Its beauty will add to your memories and photos.

Tavern on the Green

When people think of New York, they will undoubtedly think of Central park. Well, Tavern on the Green is located right in the middle of it. Options for indoor and outdoor wedding are offered here, to fit your needs. This beautiful Manhattan venue with natural surroundings of the park, and indoor vault ceilings and exposed beams will add special touches. Any choice you make, will have amazing backdrop options for your Manhattan Photo Booth. A great option at this location is that you can also choose your arrangement style, whether seating or cocktail style, or mix them up and incorporate both.



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