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Pratt Mansions Fifth Ave. – Manhattan Venues

Photos by Denis Gostev for prattmansions.com

Pratt Mansions Fifth Ave

This venue is both historical and beautiful. Across from the Metropolitan Museum, the 3 connected mansions will wow you and your guests. While built over a century ago, they have been modernized but remains the same décor as when they were created. They have incorporated private elevators into the space, imagine walking up a spiral staircase. Not just any spiral staircase, but a gorgeous one made completely of marble. A perfect place to have your Manhattan Photo Booth.

Amazingly, few mansions remain from the Golden Era. Most were demolished, and replaced with more modern establishments. One of the three mansions that make up Pratt Mansions Fifth Ave was originally a retirement home, while the others were owned by a leader in the oil industry, and lastly a philanthropist and railway builder. To think that you can go back in time, while still having all your current day needs met, make this location a great place to start the rest of you lives.

Each event space at Pratt Mansions Fifth Ave holds incredible backdrops for your Manhattan Photo Booth. Whether your looking to have the museum behind you, or elegant tapestries, there will be the perfect addition to your photos here. Add your additional special touches, maybe a border for your photos, or your names and the date, we can make it happen for you.

Pratt Mansions Fifth Ave_DenisGostev3.jpg
Pratt Mansions Fifth Ave_DenisGostev3.jpg

Pratt Mansions Fifth Ave_DenisGostev.jpg
Pratt Mansions Fifth Ave_DenisGostev.jpg

Pratt Mansions Fifth Ave_DenisGostev2.jpg
Pratt Mansions Fifth Ave_DenisGostev2.jpg

Enter the Ballroom

The ballroom at Pratt Mansions Fifth Ave has stunning bay windows. Wood paneling, and Juliet balconies surrounding the area. The crystal chandeliers add an extra touch. The space feels modern and old time at the same time. Imagine all the Manhattan elites that have spent time in that space and now it can be yours for the most important time of your life. The Manhattan Photo Booth you choose will fit in perfectly. If you have always wanted to feel like royalty, in your own place, this venue is the one to be at.

A Few Special Touches

The Pratt Mansions Fifth Ave has a beautiful dressing room with powder room for the bride and family. A quiet place to get ready and have quality time with your loved ones. Another unique touch is the receiving room. Sporting beautiful oak paneling, and time period décor it is the perfect spot for family and friends to meet up with each other before the special time.

The venue also offers a space, known as 1027 5th Ave Reception. The reception area at Pratt Mansions Fifth Ave, has intricately in-laid parquet floors, amazing tapestries, and quaint fire places. The staff at both the venue and your Manhattan Photo Booth will be there to help you every step of the way. As your event drawers closer, they will double and triple check with you to make sure that every detail is perfect for you and your guests. They are trained to help make the process as stress free for you as possible, and they are always there to answer any of your questions and set our mind at ease.


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