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Westlake Village Inn – California Venues

The Stunning Westlake Village Inn is Waiting

Congratulations! We know how excited you must be to finally be planning your big event. That being said, when you are looking for the ideal location to host it, you will without a doubt want it to be absolutely perfect. Not just in the location, but the atmosphere and surroundings as well. If you are from the area, or want to a glamorous destination event, then this may be just the place for you.

Dress in your period attire for that Gatsby party, bring back the roaring 20’s in style, or create your dream wedding, and capture all of it with your California photo booth. Your event doesn’t end at the end of the night, not completely anyway. Your event photo album will be shared for years to come and cherished by those that were in attendance and future generations alike.

Come on home

Knowing that you have options helps make planning a little easier. It allows for you to ensure that every detail of your day will be exactly what you want and the outcome as you always desired it. With multiple packages and event spaces we know that you will find just the right setting for anything you are planning.

The surroundings, yes of course those are important! Not only for the overall atmosphere of your event but for your backdrop options for your California photo booth as well. It’s not just your event that you expect to be perfect, its also your photos. Each one will tell a story all its own of the time shared and the background will help to show how much love and thought put into it all.




Which Would you Prefer?

Some people prefer the natural outdoor beauty and what it has to offer. While some prefer the décor and feeling of an indoor space. At Westlake Village Inn, it doesn’t matter what your style is, as there are both indoor and outdoor options for you to choose from. The stunning outdoor event spaces offer everything from natural lush greenery, water features, gorgeous roses, pathways of stone and even a waterfall. There are also multiple indoor areas if you prefer to have something elegant indoors with beautiful fireplaces, chandeliers and amazing views of gardens and lakes.

Imagine how wonderful your California photo booth addition will be. The perfect backdrop, the ease of this photo taking method and your loved ones making every photo special. There are also options that go along with your photos! Yes, you can add your own personal touch to them too. From your names to the date, or a border that matches your event theme. Your dream album will come to life easily.

Rest Assured, it will be Perfect!

Take some of the planning stress and anxiety and let Westlake Village Inn and California photo booth staff handle some of the details for you. Not just to make sure that everything for your event day is perfect, but to make your planning more manageable.

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