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The day is finally here. Years of work, preparation, and maybe a little nagging to practice their aliyah. Strike that, a LOT of nagging.

Besides their wedding, this is the most important day of their life. Even though they have a few more years before they can drive or go off to college, this is the day they become an adult in the eyes on their community. That’s why the party is more than just a party. It’s a celebration. It’s a recognition. It’s their time to shine!


So much goes into a planning a perfect party. You know this. You’ve been researching this for the last few years.

Let’s go over your list one more time:

• Choose the date (The synagogue gets booked years in advance!)

• Set your budget (And mostly stick to it!)

• Hire the catering (Because who wants to cook for that many people?)

• Book the venue (We’ve worked with amazing venues)

• Choose a theme (We have a full party theme idea list!)

• Hire the entertainment (Band? DJ? Either way, make sure there’s fun for all ages!)

• Book the photographer/videographer (We offer event photography too!)

• Book the photo booth!

Wait? What? A photo booth?

That’s right, parents. In case you haven’t been to a party recently, photo booths have become a de facto part of any perfect party!

Kids not only want a Bar/Bat Mitzvah photo booth at their parties, they’re expecting it.
It’s the perfect, judgment-free opportunity to be a little goofy with their friends.


You see, there are so many elements to a successful party. You might think it’s overkill to hire a photographer/videographer and get a photo booth. Well, you’d be surprised!

Photo booths offer that perfect mix of glamour, excitement, and casualness that make it required addition to any bar/bat mitzvah.

Sure, they’ll take some good photos for the professional photographer, but these are the photos they’re going to tape to their mirrors or lockers. These are the photos that will become their profile pictures.


Think of the anxiety you feel when a professional photographer points their camera at your group. Everyone tenses up. Smiles become forced. Uncle Morty always blinks at the wrong time.

What’s the best way to get best photos out of someone?


What are your best pictures? What are you favorite pictures? What are the pictures that you remember forever?

They’re the ones where you’re relaxed. Where you’re casual. Where you’re having FUN!

That’s where we come in. We’re the fun makers.

Hi. We’re MiHi Photo Booth. We’ve been voted Denver’s best photo booth service for a reason. Not just because we’re so good at setting up and tearing down our stations. Not just because we can quickly print out quality photos. Not just because our attendants help inspire the best shots from each of your guests.

Well, it’s all of those things, but also because we eliminate the stress of providing the perfect photo booth!


You want to capture forever memories. And you don’t want to be lame. Let us help create a party to remember.
Get your Bar/Bat Mitzvah photo booth situation locked down:

• People flocking to your photo booth.

• An attendant to help ensure a stress free evening.

• Customizable to any theme. Any theme. Challenge us!

• Custom photo layouts

• Instant photos - no more waiting weeks or months to see if you had a goofy grin! Ensure that your goofy grin came through perfectly.

• Send photos to your phone or email to immediately share on social media

• Props. Props. Props.

• Amazing backdrops! (We have backdrops for every occasion. Or we can bring our green screen and use custom backdrops!)

• Record video

Seriously, though. We do custom like no one else. If you have an idea, we’ll make it happen.

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