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Denver GIF Booth


Our GIF Booth rentals (or more commonly known as the MiHi Selfie) are easily my favorite feature on our MiHi photo booths. They’re so fun to make and even more fun to share on social media platforms across the board. GIF booths are a unique way of providing guests with entertainment for any event type. Crazy bridal party GIF – check. Excited mitzvah attendee GIF – check. GIFs for company brand exposure? – check.

Think about it – what catches someone’s attention on a newsfeed or in an article more than words? Photos. But what is something that can captivate someone’s attention even more than a photo? How about a fun filled GIF made from a sequence of photos loaded with funny faces, crazy poses and huge smiles, that will all play on a continuous loop. Add all of that to the fact that our GIF booths can instantly share GIFs to phones, emails and social media, and you have yourself a memorable and promotional power horse.

Everything about the GIF booth is customizable. From the overlays, the backgrounds, how fast they play, to how many pictures are looped, we can make sure the GIFs that are produced have your event written all over them so even long after the event ends, people will still be reminiscing about it.

MiHi Selfie

Here are a few of the most common GIF booth questions that we receive:

Do the GIF’s make sounds? No, the GIF don’t include sound since its only a continuous loop of photos.

Can you change the photo filters? Absolutely! Our booths have 16 different filters that can be applied to the GIF photos!

Do we have access to the GIF’s after the event? Absolutely!

Does the GIF booth require WifI? We do require a strong Wifi connection to be able to share the photos online, but don’t worry! If the venue can’t provide WiFi, all of the GIFs will be queued and sent out once we get the booth connected

Back in 2016, we teamed up with Icebreakers and Tumblr to bring our GIF booth fun to a Phantogram concert in Boulder. Between our GIF booth and green screen, and the props the client provided, each and every user had tremendous amounts of fun taking photos for our GIF booth to work its magic with. Check out my favorite below!




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