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Innovating Engagement: How AI and Human Interaction Powered Our Experience at the Experiential Marketing Summit

Updated: May 29

At this year’s Experiential Marketing Summit, we demonstrated how deep technology can be harmoniously integrated with personalized interactions to not only evoke emotional responses but also capture valuable insights.

Dive into how we crafted these memorable experiences!

Drawing Crowds:

The Allure of Technology

Our booth became a focal point at the summit, thanks in part to Rosie, our AI-powered photo booth, and the eye-catching live feed slideshow that broadcasted dynamic, real-time interactions.

Why Attraction Matters:

First impressions are critical at any event. Rosie, with her inviting design and interactive capabilities, served as the perfect icebreaker, drawing attendees with her flashy technology and the promise of fun. The live feed slideshow amplified this effect, showcasing the joy and creativity of participants in real time, sparking curiosity and drawing even more attendees to our location.

Deep Engagement:

Interactive Personality Quiz Once we had their attention, the next layer of our engagement strategy came into play: the personality quiz.

How We Engage:

It’s not just about taking a photo; it’s about creating a dialogue. Our personality quiz offers a fun and interactive way to engage attendees, inviting them to answer questions that are as entertaining as they are revealing. This process turns a simple photo op into a meaningful interaction, enabling participants to express their individuality while providing us with rich data to tailor the experience further.

Personalized Experience:

Custom AI Portraits and Style Options

With the quiz complete, attendees were treated to a highly personalized AI portrait session.

The Customization Continues:

The AI uses the quiz data to suggest photo styles and themes that align with the attendees' personalities. With multiple style options and interactive elements, participants could choose how they wanted to be portrayed, experimenting with different looks and sharing these moments with friends. This not only kept them engaged longer, but also enhanced their social interaction and connection to the brand.

Continuing the Conversation:

Personalized Email Marketing

Post-event, our engagement didn’t just end with a photo. We extended our interaction through a personalized email marketing campaign that continued the dialogue.Each attendee received a custom email that reflected their experience and interactions at the summit. This wasn’t a generic follow-up; it was a continuation of their personalized journey.


At MiHi Entertainment, our approach at the Experiential Marketing Summit exemplified how effectively AI and human interaction can be meshed to elevate event experiences. From the initial attraction to post-event engagement, we use technology to create moments that resonate on a personal level, making every engagement meaningful and extending the impact well beyond the event itself.

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