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Live Stream a Wedding

Live Stream a Wedding

Live streaming a wedding is certainly not the traditional route that most couples have been planning for years but many have found that this new avenue is actually a truly special way to share your elopement. Streaming the special intimate moments of your wedding is an amazing way to help those who are unable to travel, are unwell, or simply following guidelines in this strange time, participate in the big day.

It may seem like a live streaming event takes away the intimate and personal touch of a wedding, but when you take the time to consider those who are unable to attend and really look into the camera and greet each virtual guest you’ll understand. When family members are thousands of miles away watching this charming event unfold and are still personally addressed it will make their experience even more special. Even though Grandma and Grandpa may not be there in person they will still feel like a valued part of the day.

Live streaming a wedding also gives you many options that cannot be offered during a traditional wedding due to the little benefits that technology offers us in this day and age. Many couples enjoy the option to look back at the event and see every guest’s reactions to every moment, as opposed to a panning video of a large celebration. In addition, you can choose to have audio wired in from your participants in order to capture the traditional reaction to special moments or you can keep the moment quiet and cozy, just between you and your new spouse.

There are many ways to normalize live streaming a wedding and encourage guests interaction online as well. One of the best ways to do this is organizing wedding gift bags that can be sent out to all of your online guests ahead of time. These can include cocktail recipes, wine selections, and even a recipe for your cake so they can experience every piece of the day along the way.

MiHi Entertainment Live Streaming is happy to help with all of these features and we have successfully seen these events become memorable and truly magnificent elopements over the past year. We are happy to inform you that no matter what the request we will be overjoyed to ensure that all the perfect moments come together to make this a memorable celebration. We know that sometimes love can’t wait so we would be honored to help make your perfect day become a reality.

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