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A Tubular 80s Photo Booth

The 80s have been coming up big lately, and for a good reason. Enough time has passed. 80s kids are now adults with all the stresses of jobs, families, mortgages, bills, retirement plans, and other fun grown-up things.

This was a time before the internet became ubiquitous. Before cell phones displaced dinner conversation. Before Netflix and MMORPGs replaced riding bikes with your friends until sundown.

Yes, there were drawbacks. Ever try to call up your crush and NOT get the father on the phone?

But things felt fun. Fresh. Connected.

So it’s no surprise that the Goldbergs have become a hit TV show.

Set in the 1980s, this sitcom follows a fictionalized version of Adam F. Goldberg, the show creator. Surrounded by a quirky cast, it dives deep into the psyche of the Reagan years: good, bad, and utterly insane.

Which means it’s a show we love!

So when Sony contacted us to run the photo booth for the season premiere, we were ecstatic! It was the perfect opportunity to flex our creative muscles.

You see, at MiHi Photo Booth, we have not only been voted best photo booth service for Denver, we do custom like no one else!

We had a ton of fun with this party. We made a bunch of new 80s themed props. Among other things: Pacman, Rubik’s Cube, a ring pop, an oversized boombox, cassette tapes, 3D glasses, and of course, an “I ❤ the 80s” speech bubble.

80's props(8).jpg
80's props(8).jpg

We brought our retro photo booth to the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Denver. This is one of our favorite hotels in the city. Stylish and modern with a welcoming and professional staff, it’s the perfect place to throw some amazing parties.

Our 80s themed photo booth was a hit!

We love how our photo booths became a de facto part of any party experience. There’s something about the setup, the lights, the backdrop, the instant prints and online uploads that make any night more magical.

We’re the party equivalent of John Cusack holding up a stereo in your front yard. Except less desperate and more fun.

We went the extra step with our customization this time. The print out photos looked like polaroids. Talk about nostalgia!

We love working with our corporate clients, too. Doing those extra little things to help with branding.Each printout contained the Goldbergs and Sony logo.

Goldbergs Photo.jpg
Goldbergs Photo.jpg

For the date, we did something special. Normally, we’d just have the date “September 14, 2017.” But we borrowed something from the show.

Every episode dates the show to 1980-something. So we crossed out the 2017 and put in the show’s catchphrase.

It was beyond awesome. It was tubular!

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