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Action Water Sports Holiday Booth

They say that the two happiest days of a boat owner’s life are the days that they buy their boat and the days they sell their boat.

If that’s the case, then Action Water Sports must make a lot of people happy! Being one of premier dealers of new and used boats in Denver, Colorado, these folks are the dictionary definition of friendly and professional!

That’s why we were so happy when they called us to run a corporate booth at their customer Christmas party. It’s not enough for MiHi Photo Booth to be voted Denver’s best photo booth service. We love being recognized by our business community as the go-to place to spice up any corporate event with friendly, fast, and reliable service.

One of our newest attendants, Sieria, ran this event flawlessly! Customers love her for her cheerful demeanor. Seriously, she can make even the grumpiest curmudgeon smile, which is exactly the thing you want for a photo booth attendant!

Sieria Action Water Sports.jpg

Our corporate partners love MiHi Photo Booth for a bunch of reasons.

They’re quick

They have amazing quality

The pictures can be sent directly to your phone through SMS

Encourage your attendees to upload to their social media using a custom hashtag and watch your event trend!

Our Christmas-themed photo booth props were a hit! People loved getting even more into the spirit with miniature Christmas trees and ornament headbands, along with reindeer and snowman props.

We love watching people gravitate towards our booth and their faces light up with all the creative possibilities. That’s the best part of a photo booth. Watching people have fun!

Being around all those boats in February was such a tease! With all the cold and snow outside, we soon fell to daydreaming about warmer weather. About being on a lake. Drinking some cold drinks. Maybe fishing. Maybe just pretending to fish.

Either way, Action Water Sports had the right idea to help break up the winter doldrums at their event. All of their attendees loved the booth while they were checking out the boats and brochures!

We loved capturing the moment when Action Water Sport’s customers started thinking about summer and boating. Or trying to figure out how to fit a new boat under their Christmas tree.

Ok, so maybe that would be the best day in a boat owner’s life: getting a new boat under their Christmas tree!

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