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Attack of the Santa Booths at Porchlight Real Estate

There’s busy and then there’s BUSY!

In our last blog, we mentioned that our trip to Vail was the shining crown of a beautiful and productive weekend.

What was going on that weekend? Attack of the Santa Booths.

Denver Santa Photos.jpg

Holidays are the perfect time to create forever memories. And our clients trust MiHi Photo Booth to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. There’s a reason why we’re the winner of Denver’s Best Photo Booth service. We love proving it every chance we get.

Porchlight Real Estate is home to some of the best real estate agents in Colorado. We were honored and excited to bring our photo booths to three of their locations.

One of our newer attendants, Megan, has already shown herself to go above and beyond with her commitment to amazing customer service. She tackled the herculean task of setting up and maintaining all three booths with humor and grace! We’re proud to have her as a part of the MiHi Photo Booth team!

Holiday gigs often mean early mornings and late nights, but it’s all worth it to see the look of joy on a child’s face when they see Santa!

Holidays can be a stressful time for a lot of people, but we were reminded by the hopeful dreams and wishes of those kids to take a step back, let go of our disillusionment and cynicism and dream big once again.

That’s only one of the many amazing things about working these holiday events!

Sometimes there’s the rare kid who gets a little scared by the big guy in red and white. It’s a bittersweet moment, but Santa isn’t the only one with tricks to distract the kids and get an amazing photo. (Hint: we do, too!)

Our photo booths come with a variety of props and techniques to get the best out of your guests! (Watch for our mirror photo booth soon!)

The amazing people at Porchlight not only took care of Santa and the kids, they also stuffed us with donuts and coffee! Lifeline is an understatement. I don’t think we could have survived the long hours and all the driving back and forth through beautiful central Colorado without it!

Speaking of dreaming big, we have a lot of new things in store for you in 2018! We’re always thinking of ways to improve your photo booth experience. Whether it’s new booths, custom backgrounds, or playful props, everything we do at MiHi Photo Booths is built on the bedrock of amazing customer service!


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