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Comic Con

MiHi got it’s Comic Con on last weekend! The Slow Motion booth was a big hit. Tons of super heroes stopped by for epic battles. Whether it was by sword or bow and arrow, several fell victim to slow motion battles. We even had princesses and the occasional T-Rex stop by to experience the captivating confetti slowly fluttering down to the ground.

All of the fun was projected onto TV screens so everyone could check out their dramatic scene when it was over. How does it work you ask? Well, you just step in front of our specialized camera and for just 4 quick second you go CRAZY. Fight, spin, jump, throw confetti in the air! Then our camera slows your 4 seconds way down and your result is pure magnificence. The slow motion booth can make anything look awesome. The added bonus is being able to email your video to yourself when you’re done! Now you can show everyone the fun you had at Comic Con (while looking super cool). Let’s not forget that our Boomerang Booth joined in on the fun over the weekend adjacent to the all the slow-mo fun. What more could you ask for when you’re dressed to the max in spandex and face paint? This is one of the best ways to commemorate one of the highlights of the year for Denver.


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