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A Beautiful Hartford Venue for a Beautiful EvenT

Let the planning begin with the fun. Are you from the area? Are you looking for a great destination event? Well, you definitely picked the right place to look. The area and the amazing Hartford venue are richly steeped in history and are waiting to help make your dream event come true. From classy and sophisticated to elegant and glamorous any event you can dream of will fit right in. Finding the perfect venue will also help ease the planning process with the help of the venue staff.

Speaking of ease of planning, lets talk about your Hartford photo booth. Not only will this addition to your event speak volumes to your guests, the entire process will be fun and stress free. Each photo in your album will come to life for years to come, allowing you to not only share your memories, but your perfect photo taking decision. Now, we know that the planning of your perfect event can be slightly overwhelming. Let us help you out some by introducing a few lovely Hartford venues that may be your perfect event location.

Saint Clements Castle

Yes, this Harford venue is a gorgeous castle built in 1898. Not only will you feel like royalty here, but your guests will be transported with you to a time period long lost. Both small and large events will fit right in as if the space was made just for you. From the stunning landscaping surrounding it, to the interior complete with beautiful antique décor your event will be spectacular.

Imagine your Hartford photo booth in its vintage style capturing your moments, memories and backdrops. The results will be loved by all, not only your event attendees, but by those you show your photos to as well.



Pond House Café

The history of this Hartford venue began in the 1900’s. From a private residence, to a religious home, being left abandoned and then completely restored to be a gorgeous space for you to share your event and add your history. The surroundings full of lush greenery and beautiful flowers welcoming all of our guests and making you feel right at home. Along with the options of spaces, the options of times and even holiday events are perfect touches.

Whether you would like your backdrop to be nature, or the interior décor of the venue, there are many ideal locations or your Hartford photo booth. There is no doubt that your perfect place is waiting for you.

Wadsworth Mansion

As this gorgeous Hartford venue came to life long ago as a private residence, special attention was given to the land as well. Breathtaking lawns and gardens welcome you. Take a step back in time and let the stunning mansion set the scene.

Photo memories set inside of a mansion, reminding you of that royal feeling are easily attainable. The Hartford photo booth there waiting for you. The people closest to you. The fun and excitement all captured as lovely as you always imagined.



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