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Desert Botanical Gardens – Phoenix Venues

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The Best of Both Settings All in 1

Flowers and flora play a large part in every wedding. The centerpieces, the decorations, boutonnieres and of course the bouquet. Only seems like a natural choice to add them into your day in a more profound way. If that idea piques your interest, consider Desert Botanical Garden. It can be your big day venue in the blink of an eye.

To top off your event, add a Phoenix photo booth. A unique, special touch of your own to add to the fun. You and your guests will love posing for your memorable photos and love the results even more.

Dorrance Center and You

This 4,600 square foot event space at Desert Botanical Garden holds a neutral décor. What does that mean for you? It means that no matter what style, color, or uniqueness of your wedding, the space will match perfectly. The floor to ceiling windows makes for both amazing views, and great lighting in the area.

The mix of lighting, décor and the tapestries that are inspired by gardens, make this a great fit for your Phoenix photo booth. The biggest concern will be which background you want to use. But don’t worry there is no bad choice here.

Rusty Metals Photography
Rusty Metals Photography

Rusty Metals Photography

Aaron Kes Photography
Aaron Kes Photography

Aaron Kes Photography

Boban Photography
Boban Photography

Boban Photography

Why Not add on to that Some

Webster Center has a stunning garden background. The great part of this space of Desert Botanical Garden is it can be a stand-alone space or added on to the Dorrance Center. The tiered patio with the garden views, a dancing area, stage and reflective lights make it a stunning sigh to be seen.

If you are looking to add on, you are in luck again. There are even add on options to your Phoenix photo booth. Writing the names and dates on the back of a photo, well not any more. Put it on the front in a fun font, or elegant design. Use colors from your wedding to make a delicate border, or if you have your own idea ask about, and see what can be accomplished.

Quaint and a Little more Stylish

Walk inside the Webster Auditorium, through marvelous French doors. This space of the Desert Botanical Garden, is actually registered as a historic place. Sporting beautiful decoration, and chandeliers, you will fall in love with the spot. Ever one has a different taste and if you are looking for a more traditional wedding feel, you can find it here.

Oh look, there it is! Your Phoenix photo booth ready and waiting for you and your guests. Smile for the camera and capture your memories in style. No more waiting for your photographer, pose and done. From your traditional photos to the reception photos you will love to show off your wedding album.

A Story to Share for a Lifetime

The story of your wedding day is one that will be shared not only by you and your guests, but by Desert Botanical Garden as well. Not just in conversation, or testimonials, but photos you share from your Phoenix photo booth. Together, your perfect dream day can come true.


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