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Secret Garden – Phoenix Venues

Sounds Inviting Doesn’t It

This stunning venue is set at the foot of South Mountain. Offering amazing natural beauty as well as the beauty of Secret Garden itself. The venue can host events up to 300 guests, so the size of your party won’t affect you here. With both indoor and outdoor spaces, 4 of each to be exact, we know one will speak to you.

Throw in some spice with our Phoenix photo booth and leave your guests speechless. Not only will they love the spot you chose, but being able to add their own flare to the wedding photos, not that is the icing on the cake. Don’t worry though, the love filled, traditional photos can be done with the booth as well, so all your bases ae covered.

SmAller but Packed full of Punch

Every wedding is different, whether style, color or size. If your planning a more intimate wedding take a look at the Carriage House at Secret Garden. The carriage house is over 80 years old, but remains just as gorgeous as the day it was built. Accommodations for up to 60 guests, allow for a close mingling and fun filled atmosphere.

When you first see it, you will without a doubt be looking for a place to set up your Phoenix photo booth. One unique décor of the space that could be the perfect backdrop, the rustic barn doors. They can add that at home feeling to your photos.

Leslie D Photography

Leslie D Photography

Harley Bonham Photographic Artists

Harley Bonham Photographic Artists


The Grand South Lawn

This breathtaking area awaits you and your guests. Home to a carefully placed, gazebo under a mesquite tree. The perfect place to say I do. The area is complete with not only the splendor of the outdoors but a gorgeous balcony as well. Over looking the manicured lawns, the vintage pavilion and an amazing carved stone altar. If you need a little more room add on the Finnestere garden.

Your Phoenix photo booth, catching all the magical surroundings, and all the love of you and those you hold dear. Whether on the balcony or near the gazebo, each photo will have a story to tell.

Out on the Pavillion

Secret Garden has a wonderous space phenomenal with iron chandeliers and cathedral ceilings. In the adjoining courtyard area, you can warm up next to the fireplace, a lovely touch to your night. As the sun goes down, you’ll notice that there are lights among the trees, as the starts begin to shine.

The vintage feel of your Phoenix photo booth will match the décor beautifully whether you chose a spot near the fireplace, or a shot to capture the chandeliers in the background, there is no bad decision. Your location will speak to you as soon as you see it.

A Stunning Venue-Stunning Wedding!

An oasis of sorts, a get away for you and loved ones. Secret Garden has so much to offer, and the staff is waiting to help. The Phoenix photo booth attendant will also help during your event to make sure that everything is just the way you want it.


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