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Detroit Michigan Venues

Throw a little Midwest into your experience

Detroit has a beautiful history and strong communities- making it one of the most diverse and dynamic cities we work in! There’s something unique about a Detroit event venue that leaves a mark in guest’s memories- whatever the style of your party! A city aglow with life and culture is waiting for you and your guests. If you call the state your home, or are looking to book for a destination wedding in this Midwest metropolis, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

Don’t get overwhelmed, and remember that in Detroit Michigan there will be an idyllic venue to set your very own Michigan photo booth. With Mihi you’ll make some memories that you can show off to others, and let guests take these printed memories with them at the end of your event to treasure forever. Oh yes, all of your photos are printed on site, making your wedding or event photo album something you no longer have to wait to create!

To get the party planning started, let’s take a closer look at some classic Detroit event venues that we simply love to work with.

Gem Colony EVENTS

To start it off, we’ll show you an event venue with options. A historical gem of Detroit, the Gem Theatre is a part of the Gem Colony events that is also home to the Gem Colony Club in Detroit. Both venues are snazzy beyond belief, but we’ll recommend the Gem Theatre if you want to go the extra mile for uniqueness. From the Spanish Revival architecture style to the amazing amenities, Gem Theatre is a class act of Detroit venues that you’ll have to check out.

Your Detroit photo booth with custom backdrop and style will make a great centerpiece amongst this warm, grand event space. We’ll not only capture you and your guests, but the gorgeous venue in each photo- we promise.



The Eastern

Historical event spaces are all in the city and we love them- but we know the style isn’t for everyone! Which is why we look to The Eastern for a more industrial, rustic vibe. If you think about your event ( wedding, birthday, or otherwise!) needs a larger space to boogie and mingle, this space has you covered. If you want to make sure your guests have all they need to be comfortable and happy all night, The Eastern has your back with parking, bar services, and plenty of seating options.

Don’t let the opportunity to check out this venue go by, as a Michigan photo booth rental combined with this versatile, stylish space will knock your guests’ socks off.

Bagley Mansion

Some historic mansions are quaint, and some are as grand as can be. If you lean toward wanting a grand, elegant experience then Bagley Mansion is the way to go. This Detroit Michigan venue is luxurious and lovely, and with their white art deco walls and wooden accents, photos of you and your guests will look just as fantastic. Something we especially like about this mansion for events is it can be so diverse- working for intimate weddings to birthday celebrations or even baby showers. It’s completely flexible to whatever style that will suit you to a T!

Plus, your Detroit photo booth will help make this venue shine even brighter in the photo albums long past the party.



A Detroit Michigan Venue Awaits

Do yourself a favor and take a look at these venues to see what they offer, and start planning where you’ll want your booth to maximize the fun. And as you plan, get in touch with us so we can really help wrap up your event style in your Michigan photo booth rental.

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