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The Eastern – Detroit Michigan Venue

Modern Detroit events with style

Sometimes there is more to finding your perfect venue than making sure there are fancy staircases and a historical background. While those things are awesome for taking amazing photos, we know that accessibility and versatile spaces are also incredibly important in throwing your own event. And if this is what you need in a Detroit event venue, look no further than The Eastern.

But, before we let you know how perfect The Eastern will be for your next event, let’s get real. What we at MiHi really, truly care about is providing you and your guests with photos that will truly capture your party no matter what venue you chose. We make sure your Detroit photo booth rental gives you beautiful and unique photo keepsakes, hassle-free. None of that searching for the photographer, or having to worry about how photos will come out for weeks on end post-party. Our photo booths take care of it all. All of your photos are printed on site so you and your guests can see how they look right away- and come back for more all day long.

Industrial design at The Eastern

Back to the fun stuff: detailing how The Eastern sets itself apart from other Detroit venues. We have one word for you: versatility. With its giant, open floor plan and rustic design, it really can be molded to any event theme, size or style. The interiors have the ability to make any decorations shine, and the outside spaces are a blank canvas- a beautiful one! Brick, industrial beams, big stylish windows, and high ceilings are always in fashion: for weddings or any other event you can throw at them!

We love this versatility because it’s something we pride ourselves on too. Our Detroit photo booth rentals can be customized to your exact needs, and there’s nothing better for a host or event coordinator than getting to pick out exactly what they want everything to look like.



The Eastern’s MeasurementS

If you need further information on The Eastern’s exact amenities, we’ve got you covered. They can hold hundreds of guests, even up to 300 seated for your bigger weddings or corporate gatherings. In addition to the 5,000 square foot polished interior, they boast a 3,000 square foot outdoor patio to give your guests room to breathe and mingle. Onsite parking is available (the biggest plus in event coordinating), full bar and bartender services, custom options for lighting design, and even handmade tables and benches that can be arranged to seat 40-50 people each. They really do have what you need!

And while you can take our word for The Eastern’s amazing amenities, go ahead and read their testimonials online before you book! But we promise you’ll want to.



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