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The Bagley Mansion – Detroit Michigan Venue

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Who doesn’t love a mansion venue?

Planning a family celebration for a baby shower or birthday? Throwing a wedding where you want to feel like royalty? The Bagley is the way to go- and yet, it’s still full of unique assets that set it apart from other Detroit venues.

Which is how we feel about our photo booth rentals: setting ourselves apart from the competition. What we really care about is making sure your event photos turn out great no matter what the venue is. But that’s the beautiful thing about The Bagley Mansion- it’s gorgeous setting guarantees all photos coming from your Michigan photo booth are beautiful representations of the event you’re throwing. Plus, we make capturing moments hassle-free. Don’t waste time looking for the photographer, or worrying about how the photos will come out. Our photo booth takes care of everything. Because yes, your photos are printed on site for you so you can see and share them right away.

Throwing a classy event is in the Bag…ley.

The Bagley Mansion was built in 1889 for a prominent member of Detroit’s society all through the 1860s-1870s. While it’s reputation is based on the association with Detroit’s history, it’s also unique in its aesthetics. Some of it’s more standout features are it’s massive gable roof and a tower fit for queens and kings. The entrance is set into a round arch (ideal for portraits!) and the roof dormer features a beautiful bay window. The façade contains multiple surface and window treatment, including sculptural elements by Julius Melchers around the entrance. Melchers was Detroit’s first well known sculptor, and seeing his woodworking, glass art, and statues on the grounds is truly awe inspiring.

The Bagley is a cultural, artistic and historical icon, and we’re honored to set one of our Detroit photo booth rentals in the venue.




Love where you’re at

What are the other perks of renting out the Bagley? It’s located within blocks of the Riverfront and Renaissance area, so your guests can enjoy other aspects of Detroit culture if they haven’t explored before! And that should always be considered in choosing a venue- making sure the surrounding area is just as interesting and inviting as the event space itself.

And while you can take our word on it, go ahead and check out the online galleries of their event photos, and peek at their interior shots to get a better idea of where to place your Detroit photo booth.


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