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Found Fashion Photo Booth Fun

We love any excuse to head to Boulder. So when Common Threads called us again (we love them so much!) to run the photo booth at their Recycled Runway show at the Boulder Theater, we were ecstatic!

You may remember our post last November about Common Thread’s 10th Anniversary Party. Or you may know Common Threads as being the premier fashion boutique for the People’s Republic of Boulder.

Or you may be a fan of the funky fashion on display for the Recycled Runway show, which sold out in minutes!

Anyway you look at it, Common Threads knows how to put on a party! Which is why we love working with them. Having been voted the Best Photo Booth Service in Denver, we love working with the best!

If you haven’t heard of the Recycled Runway (congrats from leaving your rock!) it’s “an annual independent study workshop for students in grades 6-12 put on by the Common Threads Creative Lab. Participants design, troubleshoot & create original garments from found materials, as well as present them in a professional runway show & competition at the renowned Boulder Theater!”

It doesn’t begin to touch on how cool all of the clothes are! These kids are super creative, spunky, and in touch with the Zeitgeist of funky fashion.

We brought our slow motion booth. What better way to truly capture the energy of the event, the intricacy of the clothes, and the sassy attitude than to display it in slow motion. We made a slow motion video of our favorite poses.

In keeping with our commitment to custom and collaboration, we provided on-site printing for the VIP red carpet photographer.

It was a blast!

Guests would stand in front of a step-and-repeat background, get a glamour shot, and then MiHi Photo would print out their high quality photo in seconds.

Overall, it was a perfect kind of night! The crowd loved the entire atmosphere from the kids showing off their fashion creations, to the music, to red carpet treatment, but especially the slow motion photo booth!

It was definitely the kind of night that made us grateful to live in Colorado.

We love to help create these kinds of forever memories whether it’s for weddings, graduations, anniversaries, bar and bat mitvahs, and especially for public celebrations!

We can’t wait to set up for the next Recycled Runway, but that won’t stop us from visiting Boulder before then!

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