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We’re more than a photo booth company

Have you ever used a photo booth just to get your photos printed out, stuck them in your pocket, and forgot about them until you got home? Our clients at Wings Over the Rockies didn’t want this to happen, so they asked us if we could project the photos onto their large screen behind the band, and of course we did it.

Event Slideshow.jpg


We provided event photography as well as a green screen photo booth for the event at Wings, and all of the photos were being projected onto their big screen for guests to enjoy throughout the night. When guests came up to use the photo booth, they were given pose ideas by our attendant using our Pose Flashcards. They had so much fun with the flashcards, making silly poses and getting their photo prints. The fun didn’t end there though.

The slideshow on the big screen allowed for not only photo booth users to enjoy their photos, but everyone else at the party. Guests could be heard showing off their fun poses and having their colleagues guess what pose they made. If you’re looking to bring your photo booth experience to the next level, get in touch and see what kind of innovative ideas we can bring to the table!

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