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How to Generate a Lead List at a Trade Show or Expo

By now, it is well known that having a photo booth at your event is a fantastic way to engage consumers with your brand. With custom vinyl wrapping and branding of the printed photo strips, users will have your company in their line of sight throughout the whole event. But what about after the event? This post will tell you how to generate a lead list at a trade show or expo using digital sharing of a photo booth.

Email Lead List Building Through Digital Sharing

Getting email addresses from consumers at a trade show or expo has never been easier now that photo booths are as popular as they are. ‘Why?’ you ask? Putting their email address into the photo booth will prompt the software to send the user an email with their photos so they can share them on Facebook, Instagram, or wherever else they’d like. They aren’t only getting a tangible copy of their fun pictures, they also get the digital copies.

You’re not only getting the email addresses, you can also instantly send the user a message that they’ll open because their images are attached inside. These emails can come in plain text format or HTML format to further display your brand and generate another call to action.

Steps to Creating the Lead List Capture on the Photo Booth

Your photo booth for hire company should be able to prepare the booth for you, but you’ll want to make sure they have the following information from you in order to do so.

1. Have the photo booth company create a custom user interface on the photo booth that matches your brand.

2. You’ll want to give them a copy of your privacy policy that they can put on the booth for users’ reference.

3. Make sure they have a screen that lets the user know that their email address will be used for marketing purposes but they’ll be able to opt out at any time.

4. If the photo booth company has software that allows it to ask survey questions, consider utilizing this powerful feature.

5. Have the initial email that is sent out with the user’s attached photo booth photos built in a way that effectively supports your marketing goals. (Sometimes having an opt-in link in the email is the best way to build your list!)

6. Make sure to get the list of emails (and any other information gathered) from the photo booth company at the end of the event!

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