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If you’re looking for a photo booth for parties

If you’re looking for a photo booth for parties-

If you’re looking for a photo booth for parties you’ll want a glamorous flash, red carpet, and of course, high quality pictures.

When starting MiHi, we had knew we wanted to provide a service that was second to none. In order to do this, we had to take ideas from the best and add our own spin to it. What we came up with was an experience that our clients love. We have amazing photography, beautiful backdrops, fun props, and great customer service – the perfect combination for a photo booth for parties or weddings.

We are so confident in what we do that I wanted to compare our photos to the pictures from the photo booth that Kim Kardashian and other celebrities hire for their parties and events.

photo booth for parties

photo booth for parties

Their picture is obviously heavily edited. Similar to wearing entirely too much make up, the mixture of blurring and softening is overdone to the point that the picture itself looks of low quality. The black and white photos taken are not the choice of the subject, but instead the standard pictures this company takes. So if you want color pictures you’ve come to the wrong spot.

I don’t want to bash these pictures, I think they’re really nice. I love the poses in each session. I would go so far as to guess the attendant helps each person pose in order to find that perfect angle.

party picture

party picture

Maybe I am biased though. I just love the way our pictures look- the crisp picture with various backdrop options are just the tip of the iceberg. We have full color photos and MUCH more customization. And most of all, we don’t charge thousands of dollars to show up! Tell us what you think, would you prefer the black and white blurred, or our full color, crisp photos?

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