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Our Favorite Wedding Favors

Wedding traditions are changing now, more than ever before. Wedding cakes are being replaced by multi-flavored cupcake towers and wedding guests are “picking seats, not sides”. But there is one tradition I’m glad that’s sticking around. I love that couples are still sending their guests home with a wedding favor, and I really love how creative they can be.

Wedding favors are a gracious way to tell your guests thank you for being a part of your special day. They don’t have to be big, expensive or extravagant but if you choose to send your guests home with a little something, they’ll have one more fond memory to remember when looking back on your wedding day. Below are some of my favorite wedding favors that I wanted to share with you. Enjoy!

DIY Bird Feeder Heart Wedding Favor

I love the simplicity of these bird seed wedding favors. They’re easy to make, beautiful and obviously wonderfully eco-friendly. Check out this perfect tutorial on

Personalized Bottle Opener Wedding Favor

No one wants to take home something that will gradually, or quickly make its way into their junk drawer which is why a bottle opener is a perfect option for a wedding favor. Check out for bottle openers that start at $0.69 each.

Homemade Candle Wedding Favors

If you have plenty of time before the big day, you could start thrift shopping for some really awesome and unique containers to make wedding favor candles out of. Build up a stock and then have a candle making party with your bridesmaids!

Customized Playing Cards Wedding Favor

Ok, so playing cards usually end up in the junk drawer. But they seem to always make it back out at parties or as a cure for boredom. That’s why I love the idea of a customized set of playing cards for a wedding favor. Imagine going to a friends for a BBQ, and pulling out the deck of cards from your wedding years later. That’s a recipe for everyone to reminisce on your big day! has them starting out at $1.61 each.

Succulent Wedding Favors

I love succulents. They’re beautiful, incredibly easy to style since mixing and matching them is so fun, and they’re low-maintenance, so even your guests that don’t have green thumbs can still enjoy this wedding favor. Check out this blog post from, it’s so easy to follow with its wonderful step-by-step guide!

Photo Booth Pictures Wedding Favor

Well, duh! Not only are photo booth pictures a wonderful wedding favor for your guests, but a photo booth rental also insures that your guests have one more entertainment aspect at your wedding while you’re busy making your rounds or taking photos. With our booths, everything from the touchscreen of the photo booth, to the photo prints themselves can be customized with your wedding details. My favorite part? You always get digital copies with every rental so your guests can put their pictures all over facebook, or even use them as their holiday cards!

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