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Outdoor Retailer Summer Market

The Outdoor Retailer Summer Market is up and running at the Colorado Convention Center and MiHi is hanging out there with our selfie! We’re in the best location, right under the Big Blue Bear! We partnered with OtterBox and The Brand Booth to bring you this cool setup.


What better place than Colorado to have a ton of outdoor retailers show their stuff? Stop by the OtterBox booth to check out the camper (and hula hoops) and take some pictures or GIFs with the Selfie! The lights around the camera will make you look great, even if you’ve been hiking around the convention all day. You can instantly send your GIFs or pictures as texts and emails so you can easily upload them to social media. Our selfie is popular for events on a budget so if you’re having a birthday party or wedding and you’re looking for pictures that doesn’t require an attendant then the Selfie is the perfect booth for you!

* Where the Selfie is located! *

* Where the Selfie is located! *

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