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Parisian Photo Booth Fun

Who doesn’t want to get away for a little adventure and romance? Especially to someplace as romantic as Paris!

Croissants, Wine, the Seine, and the Eiffel Tower bring up images on couples strolling through iconic gardens like the Jardin des Tuileries. Ooo la la!

But when you’re short on money and time, you have to be creative. That’s why we love our friends at Lionsgate.

In addition to being one Denver’s best wedding venues, the party planners there are insanely creative and love having a great time!

They recently threw a party for all of their Lionsgate brides and grooms. The theme was “A Night in Paris.” It. Was. So. Fun!

A night At Paris 1.jpg
A night At Paris 1.jpg

We’re the recommended photo booth vendor for Lionsgate. It’s one of the perks of being voted Denver’s Best Photo Booth Service. We get to work with the best party planners and attend the best parties.

After all, that’s what it’s all about. Having fun with your favorite people!

We brought our new backdrop and pose flashcards. A killer combination for any event!

We’re calling our new backdrop the Peacock backdrop and it’s beautiful! Just like the eponymous bird, it’s a mix of greens with hints of blue and enough glitter that our 5 year old niece asked us to tone it down a bit.

But there is no coming back from maximum awesomeness, Jenny.

As much as people loved our backdrop, they loved our pose flashcards even more! Pose flashcards are to photo booths like slicing was to bread. The industry will never be the same again. All thanks to MiHi Photo Booths’ constant innovations!

Why are pose flashcards so revolutionary? Because sometimes, we all freeze. When someone tells you to smile, you might grimace instead. We’ve found that the best photos come from unexpected moments. Moments when people are having fun. Moments when they forget the camera is there.

Cue the pose flashcards. Little instructions to do funny, zany things!

A night At Paris 2.jpg
A night At Paris 2.jpg

But that’s what you get when you hire the best. You get the best. The best cameras. The best equipment. The best turnaround time. The best tech. The best attendants. The best fun with the least stress for all of our guests!

The Night in Paris Date Night was a blast! Chocolate fondue, immaculate french wines, and delectable cheeses were all available as the party planners helped the attendees plan their future weddings.

This can be one of the biggest decisions of a couple’s life. We were happy that all of these beautiful people were in such capable hands. We were even happier that we got to document the fun they had at this special event!

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