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Photo Booth Backdrop Ideas

I love it when our clients get creative with their photo booth backdrops. Not only does it make the event feel personalized, but the photos stand out just a bit more because of the custom photo booth backdrop. Below, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite photo booth backdrops to inspire you for your event. Enjoy!

Wooden Pallet Photo Booth Backdrop

Add lights, lace or even some paint to a few wooden pallets and you’re guaranteed to have a perfectly rustic and chic backdrop. Keep it cheap and get these pallets from a local warehouse.

Grass Wall Photo Booth Backdrop

Start with a wall of faux grass and either leave it there or keep going by adding flowers, tea cups (hey mad hatter party!), or even some vintage chairs. Either way, this backdrop promises a to add a sense of whimsy and elegance to your event. You can get faux grass rolls at Home Depot

Paper Flower Photo Booth Backdrop

The multi-dimensional flowers will add the perfect depth to the pictures and make the photo subjects stand out in a beautiful way.

Picture Frame Photo Booth Backdrop

Leave a few empty frames for guests to smile through, and incorporate old family photos or a few favorite sayings into some of the frames and this backdrop will be as unique as your story.


Balloon Photo Booth Backdrop

Attach them to the wall or anchor helium filled balloons to the ground. Either way, using balloons as your photo booth backdrop guarantees smiles and laughter from all ages.

Ombre Tissue Paper Photo Booth Backdrop

Ombre made an entrance with hair and has since proved to be glamorous and classy. Have fun making an ombre backdrop with tons of tissue paper and lots of glue.

String Light Photo Booth Backdrop

Grab your old holiday lights and pair them up with some fabric to create a glamourous photo booth backdrop like this one.

Open Book Photo Booth Backdrop

Love books? Why not make a backdrop out of some like this jaw-dropping, envy inducing backdrop.

Do you have any photo booth backdrop ideas? Let me know what they are! I love our premium backdrop selection but it’s always so fun when clients get creative and give us the honor to capture fun moments with that creativity.

Until next time!



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