• Justin Petry

The Party Starts at Archetype Distillery

Denver is home to a lot of great history… and a lot of great architecture. Take Archetype Distillery for example.

The building itself is a Denver icon. Located at 119 S. Broadway, it was home to Kitty’s South for many years. Whether or not you went there (don’t worry, we won’t tell), everyone knew where it was.

But did you know that before it was Kitty’s it was called the Webber Show? It was the fourth movie theater to open in Denver. When it opened in 1917 is was said to be “unequaled in the whole United States.”

For a thousand person theater, this was a huge boost for Denver!

If you haven’t been to the newly remodeled and recently reopened Archetype Distillery, you owe it to yourself to get there.

Archetype downstairs wall.jpg
Archetype downstairs wall.jpg

We recently did two events in one week there. It is nothing short of amazing!

They had the perfect mix of past and present architecture while pushing the space into the future to make this the perfect setting to imbibe world class vodka and gin.

We love working with ambitious Denver businesses. Archetype has quickly become one of our favorite locations to set up a photo booth.


Because their walls are timeless and unique enough to be a natural backdrop!

Archetype upstairs wall.jpg
Archetype upstairs wall.jpg

MiHi Photo Booth has been voted the best photo booth service in Denver. Sometimes this means not messing with perfection. When you have great walls, you use them!

It’s not just a distillery either. They were forward thinking enough to add a tasting room, event space, and art gallery. We have a feeling that this space will be a Denver favorite in the years and decades to come.

Wedding receptions. Birthday parties. Holiday parties. You name it. This space is the perfect place!

And we hope that all of you party planners remember us when it comes time to book the photo booth! (nudge, nudge. Wink, wink.)

Because, as every good party planner knows: don’t be lame.

Be different. Be unique. Be memorable.

Trust us. Your party will remember the striking setting of Archetype Distillery. The second floor can hold 200 people, has a legit catering kitchen, an additional bar, and overlooks the distilling equipment.

When people weren’t gawking in amazement at the distilling process, they were flocking to our photo booth as usual! There’s something about our setup, lights, and props that draws people to us.

The fact that we can give them instant photos and send pics directly to their phones makes this the best kind of instant gratification!

Not going to lie. It feels kind of awesome to be us!


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