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Using A Webcam vs. DSLR Camera

I’m going to fill you in on a little secret on how our photo booths can create such quality photo booth photos.

It’s simple really – we use a professional DSLR camera instead of a webcam. The largest difference between a DSLR camera and a webcam is the size of the image sensor. An image sensor detects the information (what an image constitutes as) and the conveys it digitally. The smaller the sensor, the lower picture quality result.

Another difference between webcams and DSLR camera is the lighting. Because webcams have smaller image sensors, the lighting in a photo often gets blown out while the shadows are intensified. With a DSLR, we’re able to connect a professional-grade photography flash to the camera and adjust the camera’s settings accordingly. Because of this, we can offer a photo booth with quality photos. Every person’s smile is bright and in focus, and the beautiful backdrop behind everyone isn’t hidden by over-intensified shadows.

Lastly, webcams can’t process movement the way that DSLRs can. When a photo booth session is taking place, people are hardly standing still, are they? They’re switching out props, dancing, and changing positions. These crazy scene changes are occurring in the less than ten seconds before the camera snaps again. All of that makes a perfect recipe for a candid photo and the best memories but, if the photo booth they’re in is using a webcam, the movement is going to be intensely blurred and it will be very difficult to make out the pictures.

If you’re looking for a photo booth rental for your event in the greater Denver area, I strongly suggest that you do your research and inquire about what equipment is being used to capture the photos. A low price might look good when you’re booking, but the disappointment you will feel when you see the quality of the pictures you and your guests received won’t be worth it if that low cost indicated a poorly produced photo booth. No matter what type of you event you’re having- a wedding, a sweet sixteen, or the largest corporate event of the year… all of those parties are once in a lifetime events and you’ll want everything to be perfect. That’s why I wrote this post. To try to make sure you’re educated enough to know what makes a photo booth experience positively memorable. As well as making sure you’re informed enough to ask the right questions during the process of renting a photo booth for your important day. Knowledge is power!

Happy Planning!


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