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Wadsworth Mansion – Connecticut Venues

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Make your moment at the Wadsworth Mansion

Embracing the feel of a time long ago at your event? The roaring 20’s, now that they are back, or a Gatsby party fitting the most lavish taste? They can be accommodated at Wadsworth Mansion. A wedding you say, your dream day, well of course the venue is perfect for that as well. Or combine them! Just imagine how amazing a themed wedding would be, oh yes, that is a thing.

If you really want to feel like you are stepping back in time, don’t forget your Hartford photo booth! Don’t be fooled by the look of its vintage style, it is completely state of the art for fabulous photo outcomes. The old-style bellows camera will complete your event, and help make your vision come to life.




History in the Making + Wadsworth Mansion

The planning and care that went into the Wadsworth Mansion, and the surroundings as well was innovative for the time, as it was the early 1900’s after all. It may have begun as a private residence, but it’s story would not end there. Lady of the Cennacle made it their home for nearly 40 years, and then it’s future was unsure. The venue underwent a stunning restoration, befitting its historical stature, and now waits to help you make history as well. Resting on 100 acres of beauty, the mansion will astound you and take your breath away.

Your Hartford photo booth has a history all its own. Imagine the photos it has been a part of from long ago, all the way to the present. Your event will not only add your history to that of both your venue and booth, but they will be adding to yours as well. So many wonderful memories will make their way to your photos, and those will be cherished forever.

More Options than you Expected

Let your event be everything you want and more. Bring your loved ones and live it up. The gorgeous patio along with Wadsworth Mansion can be used and you can entertain up to 200 people. So, rest assured, no matter what size party you are looking to have. Walk through the beautiful columns, and step inside to a world of what is lovingly known as the gilded age. Take a stroll around the gardens complete with amazing flowers and stone planters, and see what the grounds can offer.

While you are looking around the venue, make sure to look for the backdrop you have always wanted. That’s right, the perfect spot for your Hartford photo booth. The options are all around you! The planning process holds some options as well. You can add even more special touches such as borders or the name of your event, making your photos more to your style.

Let’s Make This Happen

Let the Wadsworth Mansion and the Hartford photo booth help to make all your dream event details come to life. We know how important it is to you, and it is to us as well!


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