Attack of the Santa Booths at Porchlight Real Estate

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Attack of the Santa Booths at Porchlight Real Estate

There’s busy and then there’s BUSY! 

In our last blog, we mentioned that our trip to Vail was the shining crown of a beautiful and productive weekend. 

What was going on that weekend? Attack of the Santa Booths. 

Denver Santa Photos.jpg

Holidays are the perfect time to create forever memories. And our clients trust MiHi Photo Booth to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. There’s a reason why we’re the winner of Denver’s Best Photo Booth service. We love proving it every chance we get.

Porchlight Real Estate is home to some of the best real estate agents in Colorado. We were honored and excited to bring our photo booths to three of their locations. 

One of our newer attendants, Megan, has already shown herself to go above and beyond with her commitment to amazing customer service. She tackled the herculean task of setting up and maintaining all three booths with humor and grace! We’re proud to have her as a part of the MiHi Photo Booth team!

Holiday gigs often mean early mornings and late nights, but it’s all worth it to see the look of joy on a child’s face when they see Santa! 

Holidays can be a stressful time for a lot of people, but we were reminded by the hopeful dreams and wishes of those kids to take a step back, let go of our disillusionment and cynicism and dream big once again

That’s only one of the many amazing things about working these holiday events!

Sometimes there’s the rare kid who gets a little scared by the big guy in red and white. It’s a bittersweet moment, but Santa isn’t the only one with tricks to distract the kids and get an amazing photo. (Hint: we do, too!)

Our photo booths come with a variety of props and techniques to get the best out of your guests! (Watch for our mirror photo booth soon!)

The amazing people at Porchlight not only took care of Santa and the kids, they also stuffed us with donuts and coffee! Lifeline is an understatement. I don’t think we could have survived the long hours and all the driving back and forth through beautiful central Colorado without it! 

Speaking of dreaming big, we have a lot of new things in store for you in 2018! We’re always thinking of ways to improve your photo booth experience. Whether it’s new booths, custom backgrounds, or playful props, everything we do at MiHi Photo Booths is built on the bedrock of amazing customer service

Reach out to us to help create your forever memories today!

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A Perfect Vail Wedding at the 10th Restaurant

When we got a call to run a photo booth at the famous 10th Restaurant in Vail, Colorado, we jumped at the chance! Vail Mountain is known for its beauty and majestic views, but it's especially breathtaking this time of the year! We never take for granted the world class scenery just in our backyard. This scenery makes Colorado one of the premier global destinations for the perfect wedding.

The 10th restaurant at Vail mountain.jpg

MiHi has been voted the best booth service in Denver. If they ever expand to best photo booth service in all of Colorado, we want to top that list, too! It's an honor we take seriously – to provide the best service to capture once in a lifetime memories for you and your guests.

It had already been an action packed weekend for us. Word has been getting out about our amazing service and fun booths. We were booked solid with 10 events! After finishing up an event at midnight Friday, we woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 6 am to make sure our local Santa photo booth was running smoothly. (Did we mention we do all kinds of events? Because we do! We especially love custom events!)

After we wrapped up our Santa photo booth and sent a generation of kids home with lifetime memories, we drove straight to Vail. The drive was absolutely gorgeous and reminds me of why I love to call Colorado home.

Once there, we carted our Classic Photo Booth over the cobblestone streets and through the famous covered bridge all the way to Gondola 1. It made me imagine doing this back in the days before cars! Either way, any time I got tired, I thought about how some people pay good money to work out like that at a high elevation!

As we rode the gondola up to the 10th Restaurant, all those thoughts were quickly left behind on the ground. The Gore Range rose up before us. It was a beautiful winter wedding in one of the most beautiful places in the world. I'll admit that I thought about setting up a Vail Photo Booth Rental just to spend more time up here.

The Classic Photo Booth was a hit! People kept popping in and out of the photo booth while having the time of their lives. The bride was radiant. The groom was no slouch either. The entire wedding party was amazing and we were proud to be there.

10th Mountain Restaurant at Vail Mountain.jpg

So when the party finally wound down, we packed up our stuff and headed back home. My head finally hit the pillow at 1 am. I immediately fell asleep, but not before feeling a sense of pride and connection with all 10 of MiHi's events that weekend. Because, above all else, this is what matters to us at MiHi Photo Booth: to be a trusted part of creating the stories in our client's lives.

Want the best photo booth for your event? Reserve your slot now!



Common Threads Boulder 10 Year Anniversary Photo Booth Success

On November 10th, Common Thread’s Boulder location celebrated their 10 year anniversary. Located at 2707 Spruce in Boulder, Colorado, this consignment boutique has been THE place to go for stylish and affordable fashion in Boulder since 2007.   

MiHi, voted best booth service in Denver, was there to capture all the party magic! We brought our Classic Booth and set up in front of a purple brick backdrop. Attendees' photos popped against the colorful backdrop. We had fun seeing the response their photos got on Facebook and Instagram. Look for #commonthreads10 for all the beautiful photos!

Common threads.jpg

Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha and WishGarden Herbs treated us to Kombucha, cake, and mocktails that above and beyond delicious and simply exquisite! We’ll definitely be visiting them more in the future for these delicious delectables! DJ Sosan was there spinning some beats that got everyone shaking their booty and feeling the groove!

We loved watching people keep popping in and out of our photo booth for an experience that selfies can’t quite capture. Afterwards, we headed into the back to create some complimentary crafts! We’d show you our outcome, but don’t want our 7th grade crafts teacher to be disappointed by our obvious lack of practice.

Common Threads held raffles all days from local business like Grey Tangerine, Cedar & Hyde Mercantile, Old Gold Vintage, The Nail Studio, MECHA, Haven, Bar Method, Clutter Consignment, Yoga Pod, Snarf’s Sandwiches, DAYBREAKER, Roots of Wellness Ayurveda, Chelsea, Kerry Borcherding, Heavenly Embrace Wellness, Family Factor, The Tao of Spaces, MoYo Movement, Leah Nickie Advanced Aesthetics, Two Sole Sisters, Natalie Guggenheim, among others. It was such a great way to tie the community together!

To top it off, the ladies from Old Gold Vintage brought their mobile boutique for all of us to board and explore. We left with a list of things we want to decorate our home AND office!

We love how all the local Boulder businesses show support and appreciation for each other! MiHi Photo Booth was proud to be a part of a very special day for Common Thread’s 10th anniversary celebration! Seeing partiers crowd into frame of the camera, wear goofy props, and let loose is its own reward for both us and all the local Boulder businesses. Seeing the delight on their faces when they could get their photos sent instantly to their phones using our SMS feature was even better!

MiHi has a variety of photo booths to fit any occasion! Check out our photo booths section to see our ever growing array of fantastic photo booths. If you have an idea for something you’d like at your next event, let us know! We love to see you smile when you experience the creativity and exemplary service that got MiHi voted Denver’s #1 Photo Booth!



Boogie Groove Entertainment. Friday, July 21 at Your Mom's House

Boogie Groove Entertainment and MiHi Photo Booth are teaming up to bring you an amazing show at Your Mom's House! With three incredibly groovy funk bands SuperMagick, Boogie Mammoth, and Zagriculture, you won't miss a beat! Our MiHi Selfie Photo Booth will attend to document the party, so you will be able to share this unforgettable night with everyone!

MiHi Photo Booth met with James Bedwell of Boogie Groove Entertainment today at Your Mom's House and Pearls between N. Washington and Pearl on 13th Ave in Denver. Boogie Groove Entertainment was created to bring new talent and creative entertainment to venues to share with the masses. With a great passion for music, Boogie Groove Entertainment did just that today as our party animal, the MiHi Selfie was invited to attend this spectacular showcase of talent. Smile and say "Cheese" as MiHi grooves on Friday, July 21st at Your Mom's House.

Boogie Groove is a life style. Boogie Groove Entertainment provides music, art, and an expression for multiple venues throughout the state of Colorado. Take a look at the bands featured on 7/21/2017!

Oh- Oh- Oh It's Magick! SuperMagick is Funk, Soul and Disco. With a harmony of three horns, drums, bass, guitar and a female vocalist, SuperMagick brings it big time! Coming together in 2003, the band has been making booties shake all over Colorado. Check out their Facebook page at @SuperMagickBand

Loved Boogie Mammoth's cute catch-phrase: Ice age funk bangers ta getcha booty moovin! This is a hot funk band with plenty of mooving going on! In the spring of 2016, Boogie Mammoth flipped the switch to the time machine. Let the dance party begin! This band of musical neanderthals consists of Miss Rachel Rand, Ben Hammer & Mertz, Dan Orso, Jeff Leadford; and common sit-ins by the Woolly Horns. Let's hear it for a cool concoction of funk, disco and soul when Boogie Mammoth's in the building. Like Boogie Mammoth on Facebook at @boogiemammoth

Zagriculture is a band based in Denver who takes inspiration from funk, rock, jazz and jam music and makes it their own. In May of 2012, Roni Zagoria, Josh Smith and Craig Hoggatt initiated their cool sound, while Joe Zimmet later joined the band bringing his considerable trumpet skills! Joel Cheney and Joe Lilly have added their talent to bring Zagriculture full circle. Find them at @Zagriculture on Facebook.

We're looking forward to snapping your photo and hearing these bands thanks to Boogie Groove Entertainment and MiHi Photo Booth!

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